Restoration: An overview of the projects i do to the bus

  • New draw from an old west cabinet door

    Made a new draw from an old westy cabinet door.
    Cut the door into three pieces of 5cm, each piece a side of the cabinet.
    The inside is new wood no rails, just slide in en out.
    I also made ​​a 12v socket on the right side, which is very convenient, i found out this holiday.
    The best is surely my drink table /cutting board made of an old cutting board, that use to be on my kitchen.
    I have really enjoyed the easy access to my cutlery, it all used to be in the basket above the refrigerator.




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  • Transmission Rebuild & Upgrade - Gearing Up - Modified ...

    February 23, 2015 at 0210PM (1).jpegFebruary 23, 2015 at 0210PM (2).jpeg

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  • Almost ready....


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  • The new engine 1776cc with dual Weber.....


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  • Engine compartment cleaned end airfilter support removed.


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  • Rear of the cabinet restored with an original piece of wood


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  • Piece of wood found behind one of the Side panels of the van

    1. Kopie van CSC_0070.JPGKopie van CSC_0072.JPGKopie van CSC_0075.JPGKopie van DSC_0037.JPG

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  • Cutting the piece of veneer from the cabinet veneer

    Kopie van DSC_0039.JPGKopie van DSC_0048.JPGKopie van DSC_0050.JPG

    Kopie van DSC_0044.JPGKopie van DSC_0045.JPG

    1. Kopie van DSC_0052.JPGKopie van DSC_0053.JPGKopie van DSC_0055.JPGKopie van DSC_0054.JPG
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