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  • New draw from an old west cabinet door

    Made a new draw from an old westy cabinet door.
    Cut the door into three pieces of 5cm, each piece a side of the cabinet.
    The inside is new wood no rails, just slide in en out.
    I also made ​​a 12v socket on the right side, which is very convenient, i found out this holiday.
    The best is surely my drink table /cutting board made of an old cutting board, that use to be on my kitchen.
    I have really enjoyed the easy access to my cutlery, it all used to be in the basket above the refrigerator.




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  • Holiday 2016 12 day trip in to France

    The trip started with the neighbors and friends and their T3,
    an 800 km trip to the camp site la Plaine Tonique in
    Montrevel-en-Bresse France.
    In France we visit the tour Du France stage 15 Bourg-en-Bresse - culoz

    and parked our bus on top of the Grand Colombier.
    The new engine was a blast in the mountains.
    We had a gradient of 14% ... No problem!
    It was really cool to see the tour up close.
    The weather was hot, almost too hot
    35 degrees.
    Spent the rest of the holiday in and around the camp site,
    swimming and sunbathing at the beach.
    On the return trip we drove the 12 hours
    and 800 km in one go...laughing

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  • Freddyfiles 2016 THE HAPPY CAMPER edition


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  • KWF Rosmalen 2016


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  • Picnic at the river

    tumblr_nukrj9EhIF1tjkoc2o1_1280.jpgAugust 07, 2015 at 0943AM.jpgAugust 06, 2015 at 0646PM.jpgAugust 07, 2015 at 1134AM.jpg

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